Modern technology is transforming our world. As advanced power delivery networks reach across new regions and state-of-the-art power and telecommunications systems create information highways across the sky, distances and boundaries between nations begin to disappear and we move towards a truly global world community.

However, large areas of our world are still developing efficient power and telecommunications infrastructures and the challenge facing our industry today is to deliver these services to all the world's people. Saudi Cable Group of Companies (The SCC Group) is at the forefront of meeting this challenge.

The SCC Group has been involved in pioneering power and telecommunications infrastructure projects for nearly two decades and has won widespread recognition for the quality of its work with government agencies and public utilities throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the GCC states and CIS countries.

Founded on core activities in the manufacture and marketing of high quality cables, cable related products and services, the Group is now building on this broad base to provide a range of advanced services including systems design, engineering and installation and project financing. Diversifying into the larger telecommunications products field, the Group has added new high-technology products and services to its portfolio. With comprehensive turnkey project capabilities from initial evaluation to fully-operational systems, SCC Group is now a full service, customer-oriented organisation providing complete power and telecommunications solutions to all customer needs.