Electricity powers our world. In the space of two generations, electrical distribution networks have opened up vast areas of the globe, providing the basic energy resource on which our modern society is based. Saudi Cable Company has played a major part in this evolution. Since 1975, the company has been involved in pioneering cable manufacture, system engineering and power distribution projects throughout the Arab world and has established an unmatched reputation for technological leadership and uncompromising quality.

With a capacity of over 60,000 tons conductor weight, ultra-modern equipment, advanced process technologies and the latest testing instruments, SCC's Power Cables division has the resources to manufacture the widest range of power and energy products. The division's products portfolio now includes building wires, speciality cables, low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, overhead transmission conductors and extra high voltage cables. This extensive product range enables SCC Power Cables division to meet all your cable requirements - from small and large scale residential and industrial projects to all types of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution undertakings. Today, as demand for electricity continues to grow, SCC is a global force in world markets, with a portfolio of energy products and services ranging from supply of manufactured cables to the design and implementation of fully operational power and telecommunications systems.

SCC Cable products have been developed to withstand the most demanding extremes of heat, humidity and ultra violet radiation and have been proven over nearly two decades to give unparalleled reliability in service under some of the most testing climatic conditions on earth.