High voltage cables (66kV to 220kV) are specially designed on the basis of the project data. Manufacturing and testing can be done in conformance to IEC, VDE, BS, NEMA, AEIC, SS, NFC, GOST, TS and other world standards as well as to various customer specifications.

XLPE is the ideal insulation material for high voltage cables due to its excellent electrical and physical properties. The simultaneous extrusion of the inner semiconductive layer, the insulation and the outer semi conductive layer is achieved by specially developed high performance cross heads using super smooth, extra clean raw materials with immediate curing on the CDCC (Completely Dry Curing and Cooling) line. Lead sheathed and HDPE sheathed designs are available with a variety of shield/screen designs.

The full range of HV cables are certified by KEMA, one of the most reputed organisations in the world undertaking type tests of cables. The company has an exclusive reference list for its supplies covering almost every continent. SCC can also provide the full set of accessories and the field services for the High Voltage jobs.

Manufacturing facilities are situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.